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Without much fanfare, fiddle-online makes available performances and teaching 24/7 of some of the top contemporary fiddlers. As with everything at the site, it’s available a-la-carte and at a very low cost (80% of which goes to the guest artist, so an excellent cause!). See below for info about cost and logging in, etc.*

Below are some descriptions and links to more info about guest workshops by great players with varying styles of expertise: Scottish, Cape Breton, Irish, Quebecois, Old-timey, gypsy jazz and klezmer.

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Jenna Reid — A member of the great Blazin’ Fiddles and the fiddle quartet Rant, Jenna is an upbeat and articulate teacher hailing from Shetland. Watch a 15 minute video performance and learn a Shetland tune from her.

Mike Vass — Renowned fiddler, singer, songwriter, producer, composer from Scotland, watch Mike perform a strathspey and reel, an beautiful old Gaelic air, some marches and his famous jig “Cavars of Kirkcudbright”, then learn two Gaelic mouth music reels from him in the lesson.

Andrea Beaton — Well known as a touring Cape Breton fiddler in her own right, Andrea is (like Natalie MacMaster) a niece of the great Cape Breton fiddler Buddy MacMaster. There are 3 different workshops available from Andrea, two with performances, and a chance to learn 2 traditional tunes and an original of her own.

Katie McNally is based in New England but has specialized in music of Scotland and Cape Breton and is a popular teacher throughout the U.S. and beyond. In addition to her performances, she’ll teach you four tunes in four workshops — a Cape Breton reel, a Scottish jig, a four-part pipe tune, and a Shetland trowie tune.

Jeremy Kittel is famous as a Celtic/Scottish player and for his improv and jazz playing, as when he was a member of the Turtle Island String Quartet. On fiddle-online he performs and teaches two different workshops where you can learn two of his originals, both Celtic oriented, one the jig “Disconnect” and the other the very challenging and syncopated “The Boxing Reel”.

Liz Knowles — Well known for performing in Riverdance, with the Martin Hayes Quartet, and with Open the Door for Three, Liz is an excellent performer and teacher. Learn the jig “Goat on the Green” with bowings, ornamentation, and two variations.

Alden Robinson is one of those fiddler’s fiddlers, an Irish player with a great repertoire and heartfelt style, even if not world renown in the scene (yet!). We’re happy to present his performance and teaching of two different tunes, a jig and a slide.

Claude Méthé is an influential and self-taught French Canadian fiddler joining us from Quebec for performances and to teach two different tunes he’s written in traditional style — a reel and a waltz/mazurka.

Rachel Baiman specializes in old-timey music though she also likes to push some boundaries; she was listed by NPR as one of the “newest and best voices in Americana”. Hear Rachel perform and learn “Farewell Trion” or “Hunting Around the Hill”.

Jenna Moynihan is known for both Appalachian and Scottish fiddling, having played with Bruce Molsky, the Dance Cards, Darol Anger, and Old Blind Dogs, among others. Learn a very catchy old-timey tune called “Booth Shot Lincoln”.

Tim Kliphuis — We’re really honored to have Tim join us from Amsterdam with a performance video including extensive info about gypsy jazz, plus a teaching video and materials for learning the standard “Shine”. Backup tracks, sample solo, and riffs are all part of the picture.

Paul Anastasio learned swing jazz from Joe Venuti and worked in bands with Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn and others. He performs in a video from his workshop and teaches the jazz standard “Avalon”.

Cookie Segelstein is an excellent player and articulate teacher of klezmer music, a kind of eastern European Jewish jazz that has had a well-deserved revival worldwide. She plays with Veretski Pass and was featured in an ABC documentary called “A Sacred Noise”. Listen and watch her perform a variety of tunes and learn a contemplative klezmer wedding tune, with ornamentation.

Steven Greenman has performed with some of the top klezmer ensembles and as a guest soloist with the Cleveland Symphony and other orchestras, playing his arrangements of gypsy and klezmer fiddle music. Hear his performance and learn a slow tune of his called “Nakhes fun Kinder” (Pride in the Children).

*The cost for guest workshops is only 5 or 6 credits (6 for more recent ones with performance videos) with two exceptions — mine are free as samples, and Tim Kliphuis’s is 8 credits because the materials are so extensive and amazing. If you’re one of the folks who have joined without trying anything yet, you’ve already earned 4 credits in your account (log in and you’ll see how many credits you have on your personalized home page — if you forget your log in, check past emails, it’s there, or just click the red Login button and click “forgot password” to get a new one). To buy 1 or 2 credits, or 5 or 6, just go to the “Credits/My Account” page (a clickable bubble at the top of your personalized home page after you log in) to get any number of credits you need.


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