Please let me know what you think!

Now that there are about 100 articles available to you here, I’d love to hear from you about the fiddle-online blog.  I tried that “surveymonkey” thing, which theoretically is great because it’s easy for people to submit answers to me — but nobody (not one person!) actually tried it!  (If you want to try it, here’s the link.)

So just email me!  Please take a moment to let me know your thoughts.

–How often do you read these articles?

–What topics have you found most helpful or thought-provoking?

–Have you used the Search box or the Archives to find past articles?  Or the recent links in the column at the left?

–Any suggestions for topics you’d like to read about or other ideas about the blog?

Many thanks!


One thought on “Please let me know what you think!”

  1. Hi Ed,

    Just catching up with my to do list now that I’m home.
    Boy is it long!

    I tend to read the posts in batches when I have more time. Say monthly.

    I am most interested right now in improving technique so that I can pick up speed and change some old habits. So the technique ones are most relevant for me at this time. But there are so many great topics.

    For now I am using the Recent Post list on the left side but I am very glad to be able to search for some workshops and tunes I missed.

    In May I did print out and arrange in a binder all the tunes for the workshops I have taken. I am glad to have that resource and it gives me a very good feeling of progress made.

    Much Thanks.

    I’ll be doing workshops from time to time. so see you on the internet.

    Kathy Straw

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