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Advanced Basics (2019-2020)

Instructor: Ed Pearlman

    Although this class will continue from the basics class, anybody is welcome to join in.  It’s a fun time with folk from all over!  You’ll get access to Tune Group 1 – we’ll be reviewing the first few tunes and learning about six more from that group of 12 tunes.  You’ll also have access to Technique Video Group 2, which contains important ergonomic exercises.  We’ll review some of my special reading exercises allowing people to see and play note patterns, like speaking a language without translating first. There will be printable handouts and articles to read.  

8 Tuesdays:  Dec 10 & 17, Jan 7 & 28, Feb 4-25

7:30-8:30pm eastern time

Cost: 90 credits (1/3 off for those who taken it before)

Live online sessions plus access to technique videos, tunelearning pages with self-repeating audio on manageable parts of the tunes, emailed written descriptions, reading exercises, links to articles

(See if you have 90 or more credits by clicking “Credits” at top of this page)