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Fiddle Basics (sign up open til Oct 19)

Instructor: Ed Pearlman

Get a good start, or fill in the gaps!

    Learn by doing!  We’ll use simple physical exercises to teach the muscles what’s expected of them, with a focus on good sound, good timing, enjoying the music, and playing in a way that won’t tire you out.  Learn essentials important to all.

    Meet learners from around the country, and soon you’ll be getting together with local folk to play music together.  A new world of music awaits!

8 Mondays, Oct 12 - Nov 30

7:30pm eastern time

Cost: 90 credits, includes–

Live online sessions plus access to technique videos, tunelearning pages with self-repeating audio on manageable parts of the tunes, emailed written descriptions and easy reading exercises

Note: Some enjoy repeating the class.  If you’ve taken it before,

you’ll automatically get a 1/3 discount.

(See if you have 90 or more credits by clicking “Credits” at top of this page)