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Beginning Fiddle

Instructor: Ed Pearlman

Get a good start, or fill in the gaps!

    Learn by doing!  We’ll use simple physical exercises to teach the muscles what’s expected of them, with a focus on good sound, good timing, enjoying the music, and playing in a way that won’t tire you out.  Learn essentials important to all.

    Meet learners from around the country, and soon you’ll be getting together with local folk to play music together.  A new world of music awaits!

8 Wednesdays, Sept 25 - Nov 13

7:30pm eastern time

Cost: 90 credits, includes–

Live online sessions plus access to technique videos, tunelearning pages with self-repeating audio on manageable parts of the tunes, emailed written descriptions and easy reading exercises

Note: Some enjoy repeating the class.  If you’ve taken it before,

you’ll automatically get a 1/3 discount.

“I have so enjoyed the Fiddle-Online experience.  I look forward each week to spending this time with my fiddling peers from all over the country.  And by the way, if i can handle the online technology, anyone can!”    –S. Merrow, East Haddam, CT

I really like being able to watch and hear Ed play and then to have the opportunity to ask any questions I might have or to ask for a repetition of something if I need it. Overall, it's an enjoyable, low-key way to learn in your own home with a professional musician and teacher as a guide!”    –M. Winn, South Portland, ME

 “The online fiddle classes are the most helpful and affordable method I have found for learning basics and new techniques. Class materials are ready online before each class, so students can be prepared. The classes are low pressure, and there is opportunity to ask questions. After each class, review materials are available online.”   –D. Brown, Los Alamos, NM

“Fiddle-online has been a big plus for me. I can improve my playing skills while learning tunes even when I am traveling without my fiddle.”  – Randall, Portland ME

The classes are fun and enlightening as well as his online learning website. You can learn at your own pace.  I wasn't sure about online learning, but it has served me well.”  –T. Perry, Port Charlotte, FL

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