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Beginning Fiddle, Level 2

5-6pm EST, Tuesdays Jan 5 - Feb 23

 (sign-up open until Jan 12)

Instructor: Ed Pearlman

A good grounding for playing & learning!

These classes continue Level 1, and are open to anyone who plays at least a little, and wants to fill in gaps in their enjoyment & skills.

Here's what we'll be doing--

Cost: 90 credits

Includes 8 live classes, plus access to Tune Group 1, Technique Group 1, and as needed, additional written, audio and video materials. You'll be able to keep various printouts and audio.

How to sign up if you’re new to fiddle-online:

If you’re new to fiddle-online, you can bypass the credits system and sign up for class by paying $90 and getting immediate access to the class page and materials.  Just click here to register


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