NOLA March

by Ed Pearlman 2016

For the New Orleans Strathspey & Reel Society

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After 6:50pm EST


On Thurs 23 Mar, click this link

to join class.

A link will appear here to join us via Zoom at class time.

Enjoy the tune! This is a sample of how class pages work on our online events as well as past class materials and tunelearning pages.  The interactive sheet music has a listening track, playalong track, self-repeating audio by phrase, and a pdf.

A video like this is made available after the workshop is over, to help review what was taught and to be available to anyone who missed the live class.

NOLA March video

  0:00 intro

  0:27 whole A part

  0:45 pentatonic scale

  1:04 A1

  2:19 about last notes of A1 & 2

  2:40 phrase 2

  3:30 end

  3:56 alternate bowing

  4:19 alternates for dotted quarter

  4:56 B1 plus

  6:28 B3

  7:19 B-end

  7:35 Ornaments A1

  9:04 Ornaments A2

10:25 Ornaments end & B1

After class, a highlights video is added  below