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Find new ideas here about learning music, learn a new fiddle style from a world-class fiddler in an online workshop.  Your students might benefit from using some of the technique video groups, much the way you might have a student purchase an exercise book.  Pros may find some of the technical or tune videos useful in their own teaching, and may wish to talk with Ed about presenting a live online workshop, with links here for people to learn about you.


Read thought-provoking blog articles, make use of a treasury of technical videos, filling in practical music theory skills such as pentatonic scales, arpeggios, etc., and offering new approaches to ornamentation, bow control, left hand agility, vibrato, and more.  Take intermediate/advanced online classes to learn tunes, advanced musical ideas to aim for.  Learn from world-class fiddlers in occasional online workshops.


Read blog ideas about learning and playing, troubleshoot your playing through technique videos, take online classes to learn tunes, techniques, and musical ideas to strive for; meet others from around the world and keep in touch!  You can also try various styles when we start workshops with world-class fiddlers.


If you don’t have a teacher near you, or can’t get out and about, you can learn fiddle at home. There are lots of helpful articles in the blog, and you might want to take a look at Technique Video Group 1 and Tune Group 1.  

Don’t play at all?  Consider joining Ed for a 2-month course, including a weekly live class, handouts, articles and videos.

Play some?  Use the essential warmups and other technique videos, take a few online classes to fill in your knowledge, improve your sound and control, and learn some tunes!  Meet others in class, and keep in touch.

From Beginner to Pro – Making use of fiddle-online