Marches & Polkas

Slow Airs

Cape Breton jig/strthsp/reel

J.S. Skinner Tunes

Higher Position Tunes

Swingy Irish Reels

Shetland & Orkney

Cape Breton march, jig, reel

Marches in 4/4, 2/4, 3/4

Old-timey Tunes

Irish air, jig, hornpipe

Tunes of Love

Tunes of Winter

Great Scale Tunes

Tunes for Learning By Ear

Strathspey-Reel Pairs


Gaelic air, strathspey, reel

Modern Shetland

Tunes for Ornamentation

Tunes of O'Carolan

Rachel Baiman, old-timey*

Alden Robinson, Irish slide*

Jenna Reid, Shetland*

Cookie Segelstein, klezmer*

Claude Méthé, Québécois*

Liz Knowles, Irish

Katie McNally, Scottish jig

Katie McNally, Pipe reel

Jeremy Kittel, orig. jig

Andrea Beaton, Cape Breton strathspey

Andrea Beaton, orig. reel

Jenna Moynihan, old-time

Alden Robinson, Irish jig

*Includes performance video


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Weekly Workshops

with Ed Pearlman

Video, audio, sheet music

3-6 tunes, 30 days

= 15 credits

1/3 off to revisit

Guest Instructors

Various styles

Video, audio, sheet music

1 tune, 15 days = 5 credits

(with performance video* 6 credits)

1/3 off to revisit