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fiddle-online workshops

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Online events work for all levels – attend live and/or use the audio, video, sheet music, and links

May 10*, 17*, 24, 31

Ed Pearlman teaches classic Scottish tunes: Air, March, Strathpey, Reel (suitable for competition, but also just great tunes!)

*Sign up any time for immediate access to all May audio/video/sheet music, and to any remaining live events.

May Live Events

Audio, videos, sheet music –

Learn  tunes, techniques, and style

 Audio, video, sheet music from:

Jenna Reid, Jeremy Kittel, Katie McNally, Liz Knowles, Alden Robinson, Andrea Beaton, Claude Méthé, Cookie Segelstein, Jenna Moynihan, Rachel Baiman

Past Workshop Materials

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After May, our weekly live workshops and monthly guest concert/workshops will start up again in September!

New materials will be released for June, and there is lots to do – over 100 tunes, over 70 articles, 50 technique videos, 50 tune groups…  enjoy exploring and keep in touch!

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