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Slow Airs & Waltzes

A Cold Frosty Morning

Ae Fond Kiss


Auld Lang Syne

Bonnie Lass of Headlake

Bonniest Lass in a' the World

Boo Baby Lullaby

Carolan's Concerto

Carolan's Draught

Cluny Castle

Crested Hens (Les Poules Huppées)

Dark Island

Da Slockit Light


Drunk at Night, Dry in the Morning

Each Little Thing (9/8)

Faded Love

Fanny Power

Gow Lament for Abercarney

Gow Lament for 2d Wife

Hector the Hero

Hills of Lorne

Josefin’s Waltz

Karis Pers Polska

King of the Fairies

Lachlann Dubh

Laura’s Slow Reel

Leaving Lismore

Les Poules Huppees (Crested Hens)

Lord Lovat's Lament

Margaret Ann Robertson

Michael’s Mazurka

Midnight on the Water

Montgomery Bell Waltz

Mountain of the Women (Sliabh na Mban)

Mrs Jamieson’s Favorite

Niel Gow's Lament for his Second Wife

Penobscot Memory

Planxty Hewlett

Planxty Irwin

Professor Blackie

Rosemary Brown

Rosin the Bow

Siobeg Siomor

Skye Boat Song

Sleeping Tune (slow reel)

Sound of Mull


Sunset over Foula

Valse Lisan, La

Valse Beaulieu, La

Young Catherine (Caitilin Og)


Beauties of the Ballroom

Behind the Haystack


Canastas, La

Cavars of Kirkcudbright

Christmas Day ida Moarnin


Connaughtman's Rambles


Dr O’Neill

Drover Lads

Drummond Castle

Goat on the Green

Hare in the Corn

Haste to the Wedding

Highland Jig

I Lost My Love

I Was Born for Sport

Irene's Jig

Irishman's Heart to the Ladies

Jerry’s Beaver Hat

Jim Anderson's Delight

Joy Gae wi' my Love

Kesh Jig



Mairi Steele

Matthew Robinson’s


Muiñeira de Cabana

Rakes of Kildare

Road to Lisdoonvarna

Roaring Barmaid

Rory O’More

Rose Wood jig

Rothiemurcus Daughter

Sailor’s Wife

Sandy M'Gaff

Stan Chapman's Jig


Tenpenny Bit

Top of Cork Road

Tobin's Favorite

Tripping Up the Stairs

Way to Judique

Wee Tod

Woe of It


Banks of Spey

Bog of Gight

Boys Be Happy

Brochan Lom (Orange & Blue)

Burn o' Cairney

Ca' the Wethers to the Hill

Cameron's Got His Wife Again

Cawdor Fair

Capt. Campbell

Capt. Horne

Haughs o’ Cromdale

Highlander's Farewell to Ireland

Iron Man

King George IV

Laird o' Drumblair


Lucy Campbell

Maggie Cameron

Miller o' Hirn

Mrs MacInroy of Lude

North Bridge of Edinburgh

Orange & Blue (Brochan Lom)

Road to the Isles



Stirling Castle



8th of January

Aald Stör Back Again

Adrian’s Hornpipe

Angus Campbell

Auld Grey Cat



Battle of the Braes

Belcher’s Reel

Bill Cheatham

Billy in the Low Ground

Booth Shot Lincoln

Boxing Reel


Cardeuse, La

Cattle in the Corn

Cavars of Kirkudbright

Chief O'Neill's

Chirps & Williams

Clumsy Lover

Cockerel in the Creel

Cold Frosty Morning

Cripple Creek

Da Cross Reel

Da Ferry Reel

Da Forefit o da Ship version 1

Da Forefit o da Ship version 2

Da Galley Watch

Da Merry Boys o' Greenland

Devil’s Dream/De’il Amang the Tailors

Drunken Piper


Eddie’s Reel

Fairy Dance

Farewell Trion

Faroe Rum

Father Kelly

Fisherman's Island

Flora MacDonald

Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom

Glenburnie Rant


Grenilles, Les

Growling Old Man, Grumbling Old Woman


Harris Dance

High Reel

High Road to Linton

Highlander’s Farewell

Hull’s Victory

Hunting Around the Hill

If I Get a Boannie Lass

Inside Oot Fish Eater

Jack Broke da Prison Door

Janine’s Reel

Jeannie Shock da Bairn

Jenny Dang the Weaver

Jenny Nettles

Jimmy in the Swamp

John Howett

Josh’s Two Secs

Joys of Quebec

Julia Delaney

King's Reel

La Cardeuse

Lady Anne Montgomery

Last of Callahan

Lay Dee at Dee

Left Handed Fiddler


Liza Jane

Mabou trad Reel

MacArthur Road

MacFarlane's Rant

Many’s the Sight I Saw (’S Ioma Rud a Chunna Mi)

Mason’s Apron & variations

Merry Blacksmith

Mickie Ainsworth

Minnie Pat Me Tae da Well

Miss Shepherd

Miss Spence's Reel

Miss Wedderburn

Molly Rankin


Mrs MacLeod of Raasay

Musical Priest

My Brown-haired Lass Would Dance the Reel (Ruidhleadh Mo Nighean Donn)

New Year’s Night

O I Am a Poor Man

O Santo da Pólvora

Perthshire Hunt

Peter Davidson

Pointe au Pic

Put Me In a Box

Radio Edit


Reel de Montreal

Reel Eugène

Reel of the Blackcocks

Reel Robin

Reel St Joseph

Rejected Lover

Ross’s Reel #4

Sail Her Ower da Raftrees

Scalloway Lasses



Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin

Sound of Sleat

Spinnin Wheel


Spotted Pony

St Ann's Reel


Tam Lin

Warm & Snug

Whisky Before Breakfast



You Married My Daughter

Zorro da Crow


1794 March

24th Guards Brigade at Anzio

28th of January

Aires de Pontavedra

Auld Polka

Battle of Waterloo

Bonnie Tammie Scolla

Boys of Blue Hill

Britches Full of Stitches

Burning of the Piper’s Hut

Capt Norman Orr-Ewing

Compliments to Dr MacDonald

Corkscrew (Proptrækkeren)

Crossing the Minch (MacNabb’s)

Dancing Waves

Delahunty’s Hornpipe

Denis Murphy’s Polka

Doctor, The

Down the Brae

Drunk at Night, Dry in the Morning

Fr John Angus Rankin's March

Fr John MacMillan of Barra

Frances Nicolson's Fancy


Glen Caladh Castle

Glencoe march



John D Burgess

Karis Pers Polska

Laeg di’ Maw


Lovat Scouts


Michael’s Mazurka

My Love is But a Lassie Yet


NOLA March

Nordal Rumba


Song of the Chanter

Staten Island

Stella's Trip to Kamloops

Unst Bridal March

Valse-Clog Guilmette


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