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Use Learning Materials from Past Workshops

Interactive sheet music, video, audio

Free Sample with Ed Pearlman

Andrea Beaton, Cape Breton

Mike Vass, Scottish

Tim Kliphuis, gypsy jazz

Jenna Reid, Shetland

Cookie Segelstein, klezmer

Claude Méthé, Québécois

Katie McNally, Scottish/Cape Breton

Rachel Baiman, old-timey

Alden Robinson, Irish

Liz Knowles, Irish

Jeremy Kittel

Jenna Moynihan, old-time

Paul Anastasio, swing jazz

Steven Greenman, klezmer

Learn from

world-class guest fiddlers!

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Pipe Marches

3/4s - Mazurkas/Polskas

Beautiful Sleepy Tunes

Spooky Tunes!


Classic Scots Medley

Contradance Favorites

Marches & Polkas

Slow Airs

Cape Breton jig/strthsp/reel

J.S. Skinner Tunes

Higher Position Tunes

Swingy Irish Reels

Shetland & Orkney

Cape Breton march, jig, reel

Marches in 4/4, 2/4, 3/4

Past workshops with Ed Pearlman,

by monthly topic

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Irish Jigs

Old-timey Tunes

Irish air, jig, hornpipe

Tunes of Love

Tunes of Winter

Great Scale Tunes

Tunes for Learning By Ear

Strathspey-Reel Pairs


Gaelic air, strathspey, reel

Modern Shetland

Tunes for Ornamentation

Tunes of O'Carolan

Growly Tunes

D & Dm Jigs

Holiday Tunes (1/3 less)

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3-6 tunes each; 12 credits for 30 days; 8 credits to revisit

1 tune each + videos; 5-6 credits for 15 days