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What’s here for you

About Instructors

Resource Offered

What's Included

Cost in Credits

Articles about

learning fiddle

Over 150 in the blog, plus weekly fiddle articles on Substack


Weekly live workshops

 Monthly guest concert/ workshop

4 live events, with access to learning materials from signup until 30 days after last class

Live event plus 30 days access to materials

28 credits for month

(discount if signing up later in month)

Included in monthly series, or 10 credits on its own

Recorded Workshops

by Ed and

Guest concert/ workshops

15 days access to interactive sheet music, audio, video

15 days access

6 credits (revisit for 4 credits), 2-6 tunes

6 credits (revisit for 4 credits), concert + tune

Tunelearning Pages


Each Tune Group has

12 tunes for 3 months

(a tune a week!)

with audio and interactive sheet music

15 credits  (revisit for 10 credits)

Technique Videos


Each Video Group has

10 videos for 2 months

5 videos for 15 days, one from each TechVid Group

12 credits (revisit for 8 credits)


 3 credits

What are credits?