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Tunes from Brittany

5 tunes from the Celtic part of France

From Spanish New Mexico

Mi Suegra Aprietan Mis Botas, La Cuadrilla, Valse Emiliano

Tunes of Winter

Cold Frosty Morning (waltz and reel), 8th of January, 28th of January, Warm & Snug

Great Scale Tunes

Reel de Montreal, Miss Shepherd, Spootiskerry, Auld Lang Syne (original)

Tunes for Learning By Ear

The Brolum, Behind the Haystack, Midnight on the Water


Nancy, Crossing the Minch (McNab’s), Staten Island

Tunes for Ornamentation

Dargai, Cluny Castle, Morrison’s JIg, Peter Davidson

Growly Tunes

Growling Old Man and Grumbling Old Woman, Tam Lin, Perthshire Hunt

D & Dm Jigs

Haste to the Wedding, Top of Cork Road, Sailor’s Wife

Marches in 4/4, 2/4, 3/4

Fr John Angus Rankin’s March, 24th Guards Brigade at Anzio, Lochanside

Holiday Tunes

Christmas Day, New Year’s Night

Eclectic Workshops!

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English Tunes

Juice of Barley, Childgrove, Irish Lamentation

Spooky Tunes!

Warlocks, Banshee, Halloween


Each Little Thing, Down the Brae, St Joseph’s, Cavars of Kirkcudbright

Marches & Polkas

Skinner Compliments to Dr MacDonald, Glencoe Bridge March, Denis Murphy’s, Laeg di Maw

Slow Airs  

Young Catherine, Bonnie Lass of Headlake, Mrs Jamieson’s Favorite

Higher Position Tunes

Pointe au Pic, MacArthur’s Road, Highland Jig

Valentine Tunes

My Love’s But a Lassie Yet, I Lost My Love, Faded Love

Flowing Tunes

Tripping Up Stairs, Laura’s Slow Reel, King of the Fairies

Variations (reels & waltz)

Mason’s Apron, Rosemary Brown, Devil’s Dream/De’il Amang the Tailors

3/4s - Mazurkas/Polskas

Drunk at Night and Dry in the Morning, Karis Pers, Michael’s Mazurka

Beautiful Sleepy Tunes

Josefin’s, The Sleeping Tune, Boo Baby Lullaby

Modern Traditional Tunes

 Penobscot Memory, Kievelle, Nordal Rumba

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