December Live on fiddle-online

Thursday workshops 7pm EST, Dec 13 & 20

 with Ed Pearlman

Learn the Shetland jig “Christmas Day ida Moarnin” and the Irish reel “New Year’s Night”

Concert/workshop, 2pm EST, Sunday Dec 23

with Mike Vass

Joining us from Scotland, Mike  will play some tunes and teach us two Gaelic “puirt a beule” – Gaelic songs used for dancing –  Ruidhleadh Mo Nighean Donn (My Brown-haired Lass Would Dance the Reel) and ’S Ioma Rud a Chunna Mi (Many’s the Sight I Saw)… extra points to anyone who can pronounce these!

Mike's concert/workshop ONLY (10 credits)   Not Now  

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Remaining Dec workshops, all materials (21 credits)