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Online Beginning and Advanced Beginner Classes

These 8-class sessions are fun and instructive ways to learn from home.  Meet with Ed and other students like yourself, in a sociable setting.  See and speak with everyone, but when learning specific phrases or techniques, mikes are muted so you can play with the instructor but students can’t hear each other.  This avoids confusion, comparison, and allows you to work as you like best.  All online and offline support materials are available 24/7 during the session.

Beginning Class – Starts from square one for bare-bones beginners and for anyone wishing to fill in gaps in their learning.  Easy exercises are backed up by access to brief technique videos, with a focus on good sound, control, timing, and ergonomic playing.  You’ll learn several tunes, supported by access to Tune Group 1.  Printable handouts explain and illustrate.  Number notation is used, and Ed’s unique reading exercises help you learn to read music fluently specifically on the fiddle.

Advanced Beginning I – Picks up from where the Beginning Class leaves off – a good followup for those who have taken the first class; good also for anyone who has the basics and wants to learn more tunes and firm up their sound, timing and gain other techniques.

Advanced Beginning II– Picks up from where the Adv.Beg I Class leaves off – learning on tunes from Tune Group 1 and gaining better sound and ergonomic playing skills.

Please submit the form below so we can sort out dates/times and answer any questions you may have!  –Ed