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November Live

Guest concert/workshop 2pm ET, Sunday Nov 19

with Quebecois fiddler Claude Méthé

Self-taught, Claude has made a lasting mark as a fiddler and singer on Québec’s vibrant trad scene as a member of such pivotal groups as Le Rêve du Diable, Manigance, Dentdelion, Ni Sarpe Ni Branche, and Entourloupe.

Plus 3 Thurs night classes with Ed Pearlman – Reaching to a higher position – 3 tunes (Quebecois, Scottish and Cape Breton) that are more manageable than you might expect!  

Materials available for all 4 events; remaining live classes this month:  7pm ET, Thursdays Nov 19, 30

        Audio Intro to November tunes:


Sign up for remaining 2 events, with access to materials for all 4 November events, now through

30 December, for 22 credits

Sign up ONLY for Claude Méthé’s concert/workshop, 10 credits, with access to his materials through 19 Dec.

New here?  Direct signup $9,

Coming Up in Live Events

Dec:  Sunday guest concert/workshop with klezmer virtuoso Cookie Siegelstein

Thursday class tunes:  Pastoral, strathspey, reel by J.S. Skinner

Jan:  Sunday guest concert/workshop with Scottish/Shetland fiddler Jenna Reid

Thursday class tunes:  Cape Breton strathspey, reel, jig


Tunelearning pages with audio, sheet music, and video

Marches in 4/4, 2/4, 3/4 - Audio & Info   Old-Timey Tunes - Audio & Info   Cape Breton tunes: march, jig, reels - Audio & Info   Irish Tunes: Air, Jigs, Hornpipe - Audio & Info   Tunes of Love: Reel, Air, Old Jig, Pipe Reel - Audio & Info   Tunes of Winter:  2 Frosties, Jan 8 & 28 - Audio & Info   Great Tunes using major, minor, pentatonic - Audio & Info   Learning by Ear:  Scottish, Irish, American tunes - Audio & Info   3 pairs of Strathspey to Reel - Audio & Info   3 Hornpipes - Audio & Info   Gaelic Song Melodies: air, strathspey, reel - Audio & Info   Learn Ornamentation - Airs, Jig, Reels, Exercise - Audio & Info   3 Tunes of O'Carolan - Audio & Info   Modern Shetland Air, Jig, Reel - Audio & Info   

Audio, interactive sheet music, video -  arranged by topic

From past classes with Ed Pearlman

3-6 tunes each; 15 credits for 30 days access (10 credits to revisit)

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Materials from Guest Workshops

with interactive sheet music, audio, video;

5 credits for 15 days (3 credits to revisit)

(Note: Artists receive 80% of your tuition)

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Irish Jig with Liz Knowles - Audio & Info   Scottish Jig with Katie McNally - Audio & Info   Scottish pipe reel with Katie McNally - Audio & Info   Original Reel with Andrea Beaton - Audio & Info   Original Jig with Jeremy Kittel - Audio & Info  
Old-timey reel with Jenna Moynihan - Audio & Info  

For Materials from Guest Workshops by

Liz Knowles, Jeremy Kittel, Andrea Beaton, Katie McNally,

Alden Robinson, Jenna Moynihan

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Irish Jig with Alden Robinson - Audio & Info  
Tunes from Shetland & Orkney - Audio & Info  

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Strathspey with Andrea Beaton - Audio & Info