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Thursdays Feb 14, 21, 28

7pm EST with Ed Pearlman

JIGS! – in D & D minor “Haste to the Wedding” (American), “Top of Cork Road” (Irish), “Sailor’s Wife” (Scottish)

Great and popular jigs; this will help you play them better even if you already know the notes!

Audio sample:


Sun Feb 17

   Steven Greenman

Concert/Workshop 2pm EST

One of the world’s finest klezmer fiddlers, Steven will do a 15-min concert and talk about the music, then teach us a klezmer tune called “Nakhes fun Kinder” (Joy from Children) during the rest of the hour.

Audio Excerpts:


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Upcoming Guests

(Sundays at 2pm EST)

Mar 24:  Claude Méthé (québécois)

Apr 21:  Rachel Baiman (old-timey)

If you are not yet registered with fiddle-online and would like to attend Steven Greenman’s concert/workshop, you may use this direct link to gain access to the event and all support materials, for $9.

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