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Upcoming Live Workshops

Guest fiddlers for October, November, December will most likely feature Jennifer Wrigley of Orkney, James Kelly of Ireland, and Yuna Léon of Brittany. Check back or watch for your newsletter (first of each month) for details!

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Mondays, 7-8pm ET

Oct/Nov - Fiddle Basics. Helpful for beginners as well as anyone who wants to fill in gaps to play more efficiently, with better sound, timing, and grasp of the tunes. Registration & materials available mid-Sept.

Jan/Feb - Note Patterns. Built around and including Technique Video Group 4, these classes will improve awareness of the most important note patterns, to help learning tunes more quickly, retaining them longer, and playing in tune. Includes tunes with these patterns.

Apr/May - Ornamentation. Built around and including Technique Video Group 5, these classes will go over muscle memory for easily playing all sorts of grace notes and effects, using both bow and fingers, with tunes to apply them to.

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2 free online workshops in September with Ed Pearlman!

1. Thursday, Sept 14, 7-8pm ET – Learn “Tam Bain’s Lum” by Donald Shaw Ramsay – This is an exuberant Scottish bagpipe hornpipe in 4 parts. A “lum” is Scots for chimney, as in the saying “Lang may your lum reek” which sounds vaguely offensive but actually means “may your chimney always have smoke” as in, may your home stay warm and cosy for a long time to come.

  Audio sample of Tam Bain’s Lum (sounds nice slower, too!):

2. Thursday, Sept 21, 7-8pm ET – Learn “Vine Street Drag” – from a 1930 recording by the black fiddler Howard Armstrong and his trio, the Tennessee Chocolate Drops, this tune is a version of an old black folk melody that inspired a hit ragtime number in 1895. It’s not too hard to play. Even though the sheet music will look crazy (five flats!), it actually fits the hand well. (And of course, it builds character to try new keys!)

  Audio sample of Vine Street Drag (Howard Armstrong, fiddle):

September live workshops are free (w/o materials). For materials, register below to get immediate access (until 30 days after each workshop), including interactive sheet music, learning videos, and audio tracks of the tune for listening, playing along, and by phrase.

If a member, use the green button for 14 credits. If not yet a fiddle-online member, use the form below for $14. (You can even sign up for the materials after taking the workshop.)

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