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Upcoming guest instructors:

Kevin Henderson, April 19

Éric Favreau, May 17

Sarah-Jane Summers, June 21

Shetland Tunes

Thursday workshops taught by Ed Pearlman

7pm ET April 9, 16, 23

Audio Samples:  

2pm ET Sunday April 19 concert/workshop

Performance + learn a Shetland tune

with Kevin Henderson

Member of  Fiddler’s Bid, Session A9, Nordic Fiddlers Bloc, and Boys of the Lough

After performance, Kevin will teach the John Stickle version of

“Da Forefit o’ da Ship” (version 2)

Guest tune sample:  

Signup: ONLY Kevins concert-workshop: 10 credits     Signup: All April events & materials (incl. Kevin): 28 credits    

New to fiddle-online?  Your first time, you can register directly for the guest concert/workshop for  $9 - click here for details

Signup for live workshops includes immediate access to interactive sheet music, audio and videos for at least 30 days

April Live Workshops