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Tunes from the Scottish North:


7 - 8:30pm ET Thursdays August 13, 20, 27

taught by Ed Pearlman

From Caithness (north mainland):  “Montgomery Bell Waltz” by Gordon Gunn

From Orkney:  “Dancing Waves” (with Jennifer Wrigley, see below)

From Shetland:  “If I Get a Boannie Lass” and “Jeanie Shock Da Bairn”

From the Northeast mainland: “Banks of Spey” by Wm Marshall (Morayshire), and “Left-Handed Fiddler” by J.S. Skinner (Aberdeenshire)

   Audio Samples for Thursday workshops:

2pm ET  Sunday August 23 concert/workshop   

    with Jennifer Wrigley

She’ll perform for the first 15 minutes, then teach a fun polka from Orkney

Audio Sample, “Dancing Waves”:

August Live Workshops

Photos below taken by Ed in the Scottish North

Summer Live Workshops

June:  Tunes from the Highlands & Skye  (Guest: Sarah-Jane Summers)

July:  Tunes from the Outer Hebrides (Guest: Alasdair White)

August:  Tunes from the North  

(Guest: Jennifer Wrigley)

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