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Live online workshops

Fall 2021

Experience fiddle-online with a

September workshops

Still available from Sept 12 live event:  videos, audio, sheet music

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Regular Thurs. workshops Sept 16, 23, 30, 7-8pm ET:

This month’s topic: Marches

“Fr John Angus Rankin’s March” (4/4 by Jerry Holland), “24th Guards Brigade at Anzio” (2/4), “Lochanside” (3/4) + a 6/8 from Sept 12!

Learning materials are available as soon as you register, through Oct

Audio description & samples of tunes:

October workshops

2pm ET Sunday 10 October – concert/workshop with

Virtuoso Scottish fiddler Gordon Gunn

Gordon is a virtuoso, innovative, traditional fiddler from the north of Scotland. A founding member of the band Session A9, Gordon travels far and wide as a performer and instructor, and in addition to his solo albums, has played on over 50 albums as a session musician.

Audio sample & intro:

Regular Thurs workshops: Oct 14, 21, 28 with Ed Pearlman

Strathspeys & Reels

Burn o’ Cairney & Miss Wedderburn; Laird o’ Drumblair & Angus Campbell; King George IV & King’s Reel (Cape Breton & Scottish versions).  New: Lord Seaforth strathspey to go with reel taught by Gordon.

Learning materials are available as soon as you register, through Nov

Audio description & samples of tunes:


Audio sample, Lord Seaforth:


November workshops

 2pm ET Sunday 7 November, concert/workshop:

Norwegian fiddling with Rachel Nesvig

Rachel grew up in Seattle and Norway and studied music at the Univ of Stavanger, Norway. She is an accomplished and busy player and teacher on violin and Hardanger fiddle.

Regular Thurs workshops Nov 11, 18 with Ed Pearlman

 Tunes by Turlach O’Carolan

Register: All Sept workshops 24 credits    Register: All of October (incl Gordon) -- 28 credits    Register: Gordon ONLY -- 10 credits