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As we take a summer break from live workshops, explore the videos and interactive sheet music from our past events! (Click fiery link above, right.)


Tunes & styles with world-class fiddlers from Cape Breton, Quebec, Appalachia, New England, Ireland, Scotland, Shetland, Scandinavia, Galicia, Brittany, Norway, Denmark, Mexico, Romania, England, and many styles from the above places, plus klezmer and "gypsy jazz", bluegrass... and special workshops on learning by ear, ornamentation, growly tunes, sleepy tunes, higher position tunes, love tunes, marches & polkas, spooky tunes!

Or check out our unique technique videos you won't find anywhere else -- basics for all, ergonomics, sound improvers, bowings, finger patterns, ornamentation.

Or enjoy our YouTube concerts by Kevin Henderson, Katie McNally & Neil Pearlman, Duo Doum from Brazil, klezmer with Cookie Segelstein, Romanian and Hungarian fiddling,  Troy MacGillivray from Cape Breton, Bethany & Jenna Reid from Shetland, HST (Ed/Neil/Lillie Pearlman), Trio Tlayoltiyane from Mexico, Jennifer Wrigley from Orkney, Iain MacFarlane and Ingrid Henderson from the Highlands of Scotland.

Looking for a specific tune? Try the Site Tune Index!

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