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December Guest Concert/Workshop

Cape Breton fiddler Troy MacGillivray, Sunday 15 December

Thursdays in November:  Strathspeys & a Reel

Thurs Nov 14 - Learn “Iron Man” (7pm ET)

Thurs Nov 21 - Learn “High Road to Linton” (7pm ET)

Sunday, Nov 24 - Concert/workshop with Alistair McCulloch –  after his performance learn the strathspey “Roseness” from Orkney  (2pm eastern time)

   Audio sample of November tunes:

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Alistair McCulloch hails from Ayr in Scotland and is one of the country's best known fiddle performers, teachers and composers with many appearances on radio and television. Past winner of many fiddle championships, Alistair is fiddle instructor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and has tutored many of the new generation of rising stars.

Nov 21 & 24 + all Nov materials -- 20 credits     Alistair McCulloch ONLY --  10 credits